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How do I upgrade from Ikakura to Active Subscriber

In brief

  1. Migrate the OU data
  2. Create or migrate the service account and mailbox
  3. Install Active Subscriber
  4. Configure and test

In depth

Ikakura and Active Subscriber both store all their lists and contacts in an Active Directory OU. By default the OU was called "ReddFish Listserver Data. When you migrate your site from an older version of Exchange to Exchange Server 2007, the OU should get migrated as well.

Active Subscriber also needs a mailbox, you can use the migrated ReddFishListServer mailbox, or just create a new mailbox-enabled user using the Exchange 2007 Management Console. The new user will be your list server "service account".

Now install Active Subscriber on the new server specifying the username and password for the service account. Run the Active Subscriber Service Manager and it will look for the service account and the OU, you might need to specify the name of the OU.

Remember that all the data for Active Subscriber and Ikakura is stored in the OU using standard Exchange/Active Directory distribution groups and contacts, so your old lists should be 100% compatible with Active Subscriber. When migrating your OU, please consult the Microsoft documentation for Exchange Server to ensure you follow the best practice for migrating to Exchange Server 2007.