List server command help


subscribe “Some list” someone@somewhere
unsubscribe MyList
‘ This line is ignored because it starts with a quote mark
This line is not ignored (and will cause an error)

This line is ignored because of the 2 hyphens above

With , you manage your own subscriptions to mailing lists by sending command emails to the Active Subscriber service user.

You can send as many commands as you like to in the body of an email, one command per line, and the subject line can contain a single command as well.

ignores any line beginning with a single quote, and it stops processing the email altogether when it reaches a line beginning with 2 hyphens (since these are often used to introduce an email “signature”) or when it reaches an end command.

Commands can be in upper or lower case or a mixture.

Commands can be in any language for which has a dictionary, currently Welsh, Danish, German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Māori, Japanese and Portuguese. Replies are made in the same language.

understands seven different commands and two directives.


The help command returns instructions for .
The lists command returns a (possibly filtered) list of available mailing lists.
The subscribe command is used to join an email address to a mailing list.
The unsubscribe command is used to remove an email address from a mailing list.
The which command returns a list of the mailing lists of which a subscriber is a member.
The members command is used by list managers to list the subscribers to a particular mailing list.
The remainder of an email after an end command is ignored.


The silent directive is used by list managers to run commands without notifying the subscriber.
The language directive tells which language is being used.