Subscribe command


If the subscriber can’t be located in Active Directory then a new external contact is created within the Active Subscriber container. If the list is managed then the request is sent to the list owner(s) for a approval. If the list is open or if the owner has approved the subscription, the subscriber is joined to the mailing list as a member. Unless the silent directive was used, the subscriber is notified by email if their request is forwarded to a manager and when they join the list.

Use the subscribe command to add an email address to a distribution group (Exchange mailing list).


[silent] subscribe mailing-list-name [email-address]

If the optional silent directive is specified, then no email is sent to the subscriber welcoming them to the list.

The mailing-list-name element is required and must be enclosed in quotes if it includes spaces.

The email-address element is optional. If unspecified, the sender address of the email is used, i.e. the email sender is subscribed to the list. The email-address element is only needed if you’re subscribing someone else’s address to the list, not your own.


To add yourself to a list entitled “my.distribution.list”, use this syntax:

subscribe my.distribution.list

To add Joe Bloggs to the list entitled “my.distribution.list”, use this syntax:

subscribe my.distribution.list

You can specify a display name with the email address in one of two formats:

subscribe my.distribution.list Joe Blogs <>
subscribe my.distribution.list Joe Bloggs

Use quotes if the name of the distribution group includes spaces:

subscribe ‘My Other List’
souscrivez «Ma liste français»

If you specify the silent directive the new subscriber will not be sent a welcome message:

silent subscribe ‘My Other List’

Note: if the sender of the command is not a manager of the list then the silent directive is ignored and the new subscriber will get a welcome message.